Optics & Photonics Lecture Series

Sl. no. Lecture Date
1 Lecture 1: Mid-infrared fiber lasers and technology by Dr. Ori Henderson-Sapir 31-01-2023
2 Lecture 2: 3D manufacturing for Silica Optical Fibres by Prof. Gang-Ding Peng 15-03-2023
3 Lecture 3: Machine-Learning enhanced Quantum State Tomography and Its Applications by Prof. Ray-Kuang Lee 22-03-2023
4 Lecture 4: Wide-band Gap-based Optoelectronic Devices and Sensors by Dr. Kanika Arora 17-04-2023
5 Lecture 5: Controlling spatial and spectral properties of quantum light using quantum nonlinear holograms by Prof. Ady Arie 19-04-2023
6 Lecture 6: Progress in applying machine learning in nonlinear fibre optics by Prof. John Dudley 12-06-2023
7 Lecture 7: Photonics of time dependent media by Prof. Sir J. B. Pendry 02-08-2023
8 Careers at the largest lab of particle physics, CERN: From scientists to storytellers 08-08-2023
9 Lecture 8: Optics and neural networks working together by Prof. Alexander Lvovsky 09-08-2023
10 Lecture 9: Combining Artificial Intelligence and Physics Analysis by Prof. Catherine Baskiotis 13-09-2023
11 Lecture10: On-Chip THz Silicon Topological Photonics for 6G to XG Wireless by Prof. Ranjan Singh 25-10-2023
12 Lecture11: Quantum interactions between free electrons, light and photonic nanostructures by Prof. Javier GarcĂ­a de Abajo 01-11-2023
13 Lecture12: Scalable Interconnects for AI/ML Workloads by Dr. Ashkan Seyedi 06-12-2023
14 Lecture13: Intel Silicon Photonics optical interconnect technologies in the datacenter by Dr. Raghu Narayan 13-12-2023
15 Lecture14: Terahertz Plasmonics 28-02-2024
16 Lecture 15: Attosecond X-ray sources driven by novel infrared lasers by Prof Zenghu Chang 20-03-2024
17 Lecture 16: Hybrid Quantum Platforms for Quantum Technological Applications 10-04-2024
18 Lecture 18: From devices to systems in integrated photonics: Enabling chip-scale spectroscopy to high-bandwidth interconnect solutions by Dr Arkadev Roy 24-04-2024
19 Lecture 19: All-dielectric metasurfaces for hemispherical field-of-view imaging and dynamic hologram projection by Dr Deepak K Sharma 01-05-2024
20 Lecture 20: X-ray Dark Field Imaging by Dr. Yash Sharma 08-05-2024